NYC & Co: Adventures in NYC

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The three year partnership between NYC & Company and Nickelodeon became just as much a love letter to New York City as it was an international tourism campaign.

In year one, we knew the predominant placement of our ads would be in bus shelters and airports. We had a captive audience, so we used the wit and charm of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to enchant anyone who stopped to read our one page comics. 

Tourists arriving at JFK Airport were greeted by a special set of ads where the Turtles invited them to take a "shellfie" before exploring the City. 

Hopping in a Taxi, fans would be welcomed to New York City Michelangelo himself. Our comic book pages would come to life on the screen, giving riders a glimpse into the Adventures awaiting them. 

In year two, our placement stayed the same. To keep the campaign fresh, we moved away from one page and created scrap book pages. The mixed media style of a scrapbook helped the ads ooze personality. Each one tailored to a specific Turtle, a showcase of his perfect day in New York City. 

Michelangelo reprised his role as New York City Family Ambassador, talking to visitors through taxis' TVs. This time the pages of our scrapbook came to life tantalizing viewers with the perfect day in NYC.  

The final year of the partnership saw the addition of the PAW Patrol and SpongeBob SquarePants, two of the biggest properties for Nickelodeon. As well as switching to the newest incarnation of the Turtles, Rise of the TMNT. And with them came a big challenge, balancing three different three different art styles without removing the characters from their individual worlds. But with this challenge, we got a glimpse into what New York City looked like within each property. 

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