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Hello, Joseph Neri here! 


I'm a Brooklyn boy through and through, born and raised. But, these days I call New Jersey home. A Tesla kind of guy, living in Edison. 


I first became enamored with the art of storytelling when I was nine years old. My mother handed me a VHS tape that would change everything. That tape? Star Wars.


Side note, I'm a big old nerd. You've been warned.

Star Wars was only the beginning. I fell in love with Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Movies, books, comics, and TV. I couldn't get enough. 


Soon, reading and watching just weren't enough. I needed to write!


I started my writing career by treading in familiar waters. The standout being a rousing fourth grade tale of the Rebel attack on the Death Star, as told by a veteran X-Wing pilot. 


Don't worry, my work got more creative as I grew. I won't bore you with the details. But, the short version is the creative fire never went out. And here we are! My own website, showcasing my work. 

In all endeavors, I'm lucky to be joined by my wife, our dog Chewie, and our two kids - one destined to betray me, the other avenge me. My spare time is filled with movies outside by the fire, traveling, photography, amateur woodworking and carpentry, advocating for the Oxford Comma, video games, watching hockey, reading, and, of course, writing. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg, and I'm an open book. So, drop a line and let's connect! 

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